Evolutionary Apprenticeships And Synchronicity As A Lifestyle

I was up in the Bay Area and had the time to connect with two great friends of mine: Josh Whiton and Netta Wang.

What’s unique about this duo is they share an apprenticeship/mentor to personal assistant relationship.

In Josh’s former life, he was a Co-Founder for TransLoc…a tech company that makes 150 transit agencies in the U.S. work a whole lot better.

After discovering how messed up the food system is, he went on to create Raleigh city farm…the most productive urban farm in the south east.

After a number of entrepreneurial successes, something called Josh to go on another mission since this January…one focused on bringing awareness and practical solutions for elevating human consciousness.

Netta is Josh’s personal assistant and apprentice, and she had the opportunity to go to the only 2 schools she applied: Harvard and Stanford.

Having the top two picks for colleges in the U.S. as her only options, she took a path less traveled by: a gap year.

It was during a young entrepreneurial summit that Netta and Josh crossed paths and intuitively knew they had to work together.

Together they’ve become a powerful duo and a terrific example for evolutionary apprenticeships.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Why it’s important to go into apprenticeships with no long-term attachment
  • How to embrace synchronicity as a lifestyle
  • Why synchronicity is the highest form of productivity
  • Practical tips to pick the best personal assistant
  • Why having a personal assistant/apprentice will increase your results and productivity

Now…tune into the episode below!

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What was your biggest takeaway from Josh and Netta?

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