Power Unleashed: 56 Peoples Transformational Stories Inspired By Tony Robbins

First of all, let me just share this happy birthday message for Tony…

Tony Robbins has been such a profound influence in my life and the lives of millions around the world from every background, culture, country and direction of life possibly!

Born on leap year day (February 29th, 1960), Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to contributing an incredible amount of value to humanity to support anybody make a transformation in any area of their life within minutes…where it would often take years for others.

The strategies I’ve gained and experiences I’ve had from Tony’s programs have gone on to transform not just my life, but I’ve paid it forward to my family, friends, communities, and people I have yet to even meet.

And I’m not the only one like this…

In fact, Doug Allen took an idea of a birthday gift for Tony Robbins and transformed it into a book called Power Unleashed, which is a compilation of 56 transformational stories inspired by the big man.

And guess what…

Power Unleashed is already an Amazon best-selling book!

I brought Doug onto this episode of The Soulfully Optimized Life to share his story of creating the book, as well as his transformational story inspired by Tony Robbins.

What you’ll learn…

  • How Doug came up with the idea for creating Power Unleashed
  • How trusting divine guidance helped this book go from idea to published in less than a week
  • How Tony influenced Doug’s life financially by going from making $60k a year to managing millions of dollars with his own hedge fun
  • How Tony influenced transformation in every other aspect of Doug’s life
  • How Tony influenced my life in creating empowering meaning for my family
    (I get really emotional with this one)
  • How others have been inspired by the stories featured on Power Unleashed

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Power Unleashed The Soulfully Optimized Life



Now, I want to hear from you…

How has Tony Robbins inspired transformation in your life?

One Response to “Power Unleashed: 56 Peoples Transformational Stories Inspired By Tony Robbins

  • This episode took me by surprise. It started so high, and then dove so deep. Not what I was expecting, and very touching.

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