Creating An Evolved Baby With Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

Sitting on the field of a music festival, Dr. Stephanie Bridwell had a vision flash through her eyes.

She saw a little girl hiding behind a blanket, slowly pulling it away to reveal her face.

An energetic feeling would go through her body as she knew this child was her baby.

It was not so soon afterwards that she got pregnant and her child was born, exactly as she envisioned her that day on the field.

What was unique about her pregnancy was her child was not in the defensive fetal position during her sonogram.

Instead, her child was in the position for love and openness.

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

This has carried out to the way her baby has grown up; for instance, when her baby is stressed, she lifts her heart up instead of crouching over into fetal position like most of us do.

What does this mean?

Her baby has had her nervous system programmed with evolutionary strategies for living life.


Prior to Stephanie becoming pregnant, she had received Network Chiropractic Care and received sessions from Donny Epstein at his premier programs.

As Stephanie’s nervous system was rewired, it would change the trajectory for her future child’s life.

During the time Stephanie was pregnant with her child, she had been at an ULTIMATUM program where her nervous system was ingrained with the full experience and embodiment Universal Love, divine rapture, and euphoria.

On top of that Stephanie has been a Network Chiropractor for years and has integrated the strategies of NSA, SRI and holistic health into her daily life.

Some questions I ask…

  • How did you discover Network Chiropractic?
  • What inspired you to become a Network Chiropractor?
  • What was your pregnancy experience like?
  • What was your reaction when you saw the sonogram?
  • How has your baby’s experience of life been since her birth?

What you’ll learn…

  • How any woman can prepare her baby for an evolutionary birth.
  • What Stephanie discovered was at the root of her first miscarriages.
  • What reorganizational healing is and why its important to integrate it now.
  • What the triad of change is and why its important to know yours.
  • What the energy states are and how they affect your quality of life.

Tune in below…

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Now, I have a small favor to ask of you…

I believe this story and message is far too important to not be shared.

I believe this story and message has the power to create an evolution in human consciousness.

If more babies are born naturally living heart-centered, there decisions will be based on love and this world will be a more beautiful, abundant, harmonic and coherent world.

Please share this episode with your friends, family, social media.

And together…lets wake up and change the world to greater possibilities for life.


Here’s two incredible books that provide in-depth detail and strategies for how you can integrate Reorganizational Healing strategies in your life right now:

Healing Myths, Healing Magic

The 12 Stages Of Healing

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