Your Call To Supporting Your Mother

When something drastic happens to a mother while her baby is in her womb, the baby is impacted energetically — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Mother Earth is humanity’s mother, and when she is enduring great pain…at some energetic level, so are we.

One way we can experience the impact of Mother Nature’s pain is in the quality of produce grown seasonally.


As you may know, there’s been an epidemic of mass numbers of honeybees dying off. These honeybees pollinate an estimated $40 billion dollars of food in the US alone. According to the USDA, approximately 130 fruits and vegetables that make up a nutritious diet are cross pollinated by honeybees. In the last half decade, 30% of the honeybee population has disappeared and one third of been colonies have perished in the nation. An extinction of honeybees will greatly impact food prices, and even worse…cause a massive shortage in our food supply.

Another way we experience the impact of Mother Nature’s pain is through pollution.


The plastic floating in the ocean is a physical tumor on the body of Earth…just as the oil refineries are cancers as well, polluting the air we (the cells of Earth) breathe.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, everyday there are 10 metric tons of plastic fragments – straws, soda caps and plastic grocery bags – carried away into the Pacific Ocean…just from the Los Angeles community.The plastic that we throw away greatly damages ocean and aquatic life, which hosts the food we eat as well within it, which impacts our bodies as we do. Here’s an article that lists 22 facts about plastic pollution and what we can do about it.

The good news about today is we are living in the greatest time in (his)tory.

And I mean greatest time in the sense that we have greater technology, knowledge and the ability to turn our species and our planet’s greatest challenges into our greatest opportunities of growth rapidly. The thing is we need your help. Whether you raise awareness by sharing this post, recycling consistently, teaming up with fellow entrepreneurs who are have a passion for sustainability, or launching an innovative solution to a great challenge, your focused action will make a difference.

Here’s a few inspired habits to create a healthier world:

– Recycling consistently
– Demanding production of natural high quality foods by consuming an organic nutritional lifestyle
– Using reusable bags for groceries consistently
– Supporting non-profits like charity:water
– Composting daily
– Working with and supporting clean, green businesses and organizations
– Connecting with entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainability

I invite you now to take action today to support Mother Nature for a greater tomorrow!

One Response to “Your Call To Supporting Your Mother

  • Yes, true. And fortunately I’ve been blessed to have gained the wisdom to support people, families, mothers and children (born and unborn…yet) in a way where their entire nervous systems upgrade and thus the trauma a mother would experience in her life as she’s pregnant can be accessed as fuel for change and reorganization of the body…causing the unborn baby to actually change their patterns in their nervous system and experience life from a state of peace as opposed to a state of defense.

    – Eli

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