Car Wash Wisdom

I was waiting in line for the automatic carwash and I was thinking…there’s so much information in the world, people are practically drowning in it.

And at the core of everyone’s consumption of info, we’re just starving for wisdom.

So I got this crazy little idea…

How about I record as much wisdom as I can in the time it takes for my car to go through the car wash?

And I got two main points across, one that I went in depth with:

  • Resourcefulness is your greatest resource
  • It’s supposed to hurt when you’re not living your passion

Although it was only about 4 minutes, this video is packed with wisdom and I hope you enjoy, subscribe and share!

Now I want to hear…

How will you use this wisdom to improve your life?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Cheers to The Soulfully Optimized Life!

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