Philanthropy Starts Now…Not When You’re Extremely Rich

You don’t need to wait till you’re extremely rich to be philanthropic.

You don’t need to be extremely rich to be philanthropic.

You don’t need to even have a lot of money to be philanthropic.

You don’t even need to donate money to be philanthropic.

Philanthropy literally translates out to “the love for humanity”.

Philanthropy is about being a humanitarian.

Philanthropy is about giving.

Philanthropy is about caring.

Philanthropy is about abundance.

Philanthropy is about compassion, kindness, altruism, kindheartedness, and humanity.

And philanthropy starts now…not when you feel like you’ve got it all.

And if you’re considered part of the Millennial generation, I highly recommend you start now…

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In fact, I want to invite you to join me in a philanthropic act that is so simple and affordable…all it requires is a few minutes of your time and $25.

That’s it.

A few minutes of your time and $25 to empower entrepreneurs in developing countries to add more value to their economy, their community, and their family.

Let’s grow our philanthropic muscles together, are you in?

Awesome, join me here on this Kiva group I made, your $25 will be recycled as the lenders will pay you back, and then you’ll be able to give your $25 back to someone else…keeping this circle of giving going off of just $25.

Your $25 can circle out and end up adding $500 worth of value, which is a lot especially when who you are lending to is making less than $2 a day.

And by the way, more than 3 billion people earn less than $2.50 a day.

Imagine what happens when they’re able to add more value and increase their daily wages to $5? Or $10?

It may seem like a little to us, but its double to quadruple for them.

So, let’s bring this to action…together.

Let’s step forth as philanthropists…lovers of humanity…pledging a mere $25 that can circle around like a boomerang of kindness.


The Soul’s mission is ALL about contribution.

And that being said if you want to pledge more, kudos to you!

I’m just suggesting $25 because its the minimum for a Kiva lend, and its a small enough amount where we can all join and enjoy the act of sponsorship.

Let’s do what we can while we’re alive in this world to make it a more beautiful, abundant place together.

And let’s all do it as lovers of humanity.

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