Sequoia Cheney On Growing A World-Class, Healthy, Loving, Organic Snacks Company

Have you ever had Cocoroons?

Especially the brownie flavor?

They’re the healthiest, most delicious and nutritious brownie bites made of raw, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients.

We’re talking about dried, unsweetened coconut and almond flour mixed with raw cacao, unfiltered maple syrup, cold-pressed coconut oil, vanilla extract and himalayan crystal salt.

When I first discovered these delicious, nutritious and healthy snacks, I was in a CostCo up in Santa Rosa, CA.

I remember walking down the aisles in search of organic food, only to discover that this CostCo had a massive organic foods section.

Eating a diet of 100% organic, non-GMO foods…I was stoked!

As I looked at all the items offered in bulk, CostCo discounts…I lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

I started loading my shopping cart with all sorts of goodies, and then I saw them…

A divine light down on this bag of organic, non-GMO, live and gluten-free brownies.

Angels sang in choir as they celebrated the beginning to a beautiful relationship.

I walked towards the light slowly in awe and came face to face with a bag of Cocoroons.

And I just knew that this was going to be my new favorite snack.

I placed one in my shopping cart and started to leave, but something told me to stop and grab another bag.

And so I did.

But then I thought you know what, maybe I should grab one more bag…after all I hardly see amazing snacks like Cocoroons in CostCo, what if this was the only CostCo that carried them in California?

So I grabbed 3 bags and left.

Immediately after making my purchase, I tore open the bag and had my first Cocoroon.

It tasted like love…and a really healthy, delicious, nutritious chocolate brownie.

Since then, I’ve added Cocoroons plus other snacks that Wonderfully Raw makes to my daily snack cabinet and have enjoyed fueling my body with them for awesome energy throughout the days.

One day, I had to find out who was the genius behind this company…and then I met Sequoia Cheney.

What’s unique about Sequoia’s story is she how she got the inspiration to create this company.

She had grown up with a deep respect for nature and the Earth, and has been influenced by the Native American culture.

She has had a great knowledge on health, wellness and healing, and has been running healing retreats for many years with her husband on their property.

And one day she discovered she had Type 2 diabetes.

With a determination to kick diabetes butt and take this pain into a way to support the world, she decided to make healthy snacks that taste delicious to inspire an entire movement and change through food.

She believes you can have healthy, delicious and nutritious all-in-one, and her snacks are the evidence of this.

With humble beginnings hand-scooping every Cocoroon and hiring impoverished women to take them from welfare to working…Sequoia has grown Wonderfully Raw to now being in majority of the Whole Foods, Sprouts and health food stores you see in America.

They just got an exciting opportunity to be featured in tons of Starbucks stores as well, so be on the lookout for that!

And this is just the beginning…Sequoia is on a mission to evolve the snacks we eat to drastically improve the quality of life on this beautiful planet we’re all a part of.

Some questions I ask…

  • How did you get the spark to create this healthy, organic company and movement?
  • What were the first Cocoroon flavors you created?
  • How’d you decide on the ingredients?
  • What was it like growing the company in the beginning?
  • How did you develop your trust in intuition and incorporate?
  • What are some of the gifts and challenges of running a business with a family team?

What you’ll learn…

  • How Sequoia went from having Type 2 Diabetes to healing and creating a world-class organic snacks company.
  • How to run a family-business with success and flow.
  • How to run a fast-growing, successful business by trusting your intuition.
  • How Sequoia led a group of women from welfare to working, supporting the local community as she grew an awesome team.

Tune in below for this epic episode on The Soulfully Optimized Life:

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To grab your bag of cocoroons with a generous discount offered from Sequoia, go to MyCocoroons and at the checkout, enter the promo code: WR10

You can follow Sequoia’s journey with Wonderfully Raw on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Now, I want to hear from you…

What can you do today to support greater health in the world?

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