Gerard Adams On Building Elite Daily From Idea To 70+ Million Visitors A Month

On this episode of The Soulfully Optimized Life, I bring on Gerard Adams: a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist and the man who co-founded and led Elite Daily from an idea to the “voice of Gen Y”…bringing in over 70 million readers every month.

After acclaiming great success throughout his 20s, Gerard is now on a mission to inspire and contribute tons of value to others so that they can live their dreams.

A few of the vehicles he’ll be using is his new YouTube channel, Leaders Create Leaders podcast, Fownders, networking events and personalized mentorship.

This episode is packed with action and energy, so prepare to get inspired to take massive action towards fulfilling your dreams!

Some questions I ask…

  • What are some highlights from your background and growing up that made you the man you are today?
  • How did the idea for Elite Daily spark for you and the Founding team?
  • What were some of the early victories and failures that you learned from with Elite Daily?
  • What did you do immediately after you sold Elite Daily?
  • What does Millennial mean to you?
  • How did the idea for Fownders spark? What’s your vision with Fownders?
  • What are the strongest pieces of advice you’d give to any early-stage entrepreneur?

What you’ll learn…

  • What it truly takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • How Gerard was able to grow Elite Daily from the early days despite the massive competition.
  • How Elite Daily went from a few writers to 80-100 articles a day.
  • How Gerard and his co-founders sold Elite Daily for $50 million.
  • How a wake up call from Tony Robbins about what success really means changed Gerard’s life.
  • What exciting new ventures Gerard is up to now and how to get involved.

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Connect with Gerard:

Snapchat: hellogerard
Instagram: @Gerardadams
Twitter: @IAMGerardadams

Now, I want to hear from you…

What will you do right now to create your dreams into reality?


8 Responses to “Gerard Adams On Building Elite Daily From Idea To 70+ Million Visitors A Month

  • One of my favorite quotes from this came about 45 minutes in, when he said “a Millennial for me is a mindset.” As a member of Generation X whose age seems to coordinate less and less closely with society’s stereotype for my generation as I grow older, that way of looking at it really resonated. Sign me up! 🙂

  • Great interview with two powerful young leaders! Awesome content!

  • Awesome interview with two young powerful leaders! Always good to hear from people trying to make a change in the world no matter the age.

  • Adam, I loved hearing Gerard’s story and how he turned an idea into a movement. The energy in this interview was electric and you could tell that you both are incredibly passionate about helping to make the world a better place for all (irregardless of age). I do agree that millennial has shaped out of just a term used to describe a certain age group and has shapeshifted into a movement and ideology. Even though some media publications call us lazy and entitled to sell magazine issues and ad space, I see millennials as founders, leaders, and the next movement of Gamechangers ❤️ Powerful interview, Adam!

  • What great man. I really enjoyed this interview! I love what he said about your process becomes your plan. You just do and the rest comes together.. There is no perfect way or the right way, just find a way- make it work and stick to it and hustle!

  • I have always admired the work of Elite Daily, they have a great motivational video that I liked to watch. I did not know the back story, thanks for introducing Gerard to us. I particulartly like the part where he talks about giving back to his family when he sold the company. I always think that your goals should not be just about you. It should be driven by a higher purpose like his love for his family. I don’t know if you will agree, but I have come to notice that people who witness their parents work ethic in difficult time tend to be more driven than others. Kudos to the millennials making Impact

  • Powerful interview! Millennial being a mindset caught my attention. Real big eye-opener for me. Awesome all the way !

  • Loved this interview, Adam. Elite Daily and Gerald are incredible for all of us millennials that are dreaming big. I really enjoyed hearing Gerald’s story and listening more about his journey as an incredibly powerful entrepreneur. This was a great reminder that with dedication and hard work anything is possible.

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