Justin Faerman On The Art Of Flow

You’ve probably heard it often: just live in the flow. 

And you’ve probably noticed many of the same people saying this leading unproductive lives.

But what if there was more to really living in the flow?

What if living in the flow was the path to the highest productivity, joy, success, fulfillment and abundance?

Justin Faerman may just blow your mind with whats possible if you really live in the flow.

Justin is the Co-Founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Founder of Lotus Superfoods, and a Flow Coach.

Yes, he helps people master the art of flow.

And according to what he shared, you’d be surprised at the level of success in all aspects of life he’s been able to help his clients achieve.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • What living in the flow is really all about.
  • How serendipity and synchronicity are guide posts to living to our highest potential.
  • Why its important to constantly ask yourself what’s your highest excitement in this moment.
  • How Justin went from junk food everyday to a superfoods pioneer.
  • How Justin became masterful at blogging without any technical skills and how he Co-Founded Conscious Lifestyle Magazine to be a leading magazine for the conscious lifestyle.

Get in the flow and tune in below…

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Art Of Flow


Now, I want to hear from you…

What’s in your highest excitement right now?

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