Kipp Strodan On Magnifying Health With Essential Living Foods

I’m a huge fan of superfoods.

They help me have optimal energy, health, vitality, and peak performance in my life.

One of my favorite superfood brands is Essential Living Foods.

I stumbled upon them a few years ago and have been using their products ever since.

My favorite product is the Coco Gogo Energy Elixir.

Its a powerful mix of superfoods that turn out to be the healthiest and best tasting hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

Its so great, I’ve even gotten family and friends that aren’t so fond of the organic lifestyle to use it as a replacement for morning coffee.

They’ve said that they get greater, sustainable energy without any crash.

One day as I was at my local Sprout’s grocery store, I coincidentally met an employee of Essential Living Foods as I was about to pick off a Coco Gogo Energy Elixir off the shelf.

That led me to meeting Kipp Strodan, CEO of Essential Living Foods, which leads to the episode I have for you today!

Kipp and I go back and forth discussing everything from what can magnify your health, energy and peak performance to how he got inspired to create a superfoods company to why we shouldn’t be so extreme when it comes to our diet and lifestyle choices.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to magnify your health right now
  • How Kipp grew to create one of the largest superfoods brands
  • Why extremism is dangerous, even in the growing vegan craze
  • Which superfoods everybody needs to know about
  • Which superfoods every athlete and peak performer needs to eat
  • Why Kipp needs a body guard on his missions to source his super high quality ingredients

Tune in below for a super episode!

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