How Lulu Louise Built A Super Healthy Million Dollar Chocolate Company

It all started with a love for chocolate.

The taste. The texture. The flavors. The different brands. Lulu had tried it all.

Or so she thought…

Until one day she visited her sister in Maui, where she had her first experience with cacao.

Before that, she was always told that chocolate was bad for her.

She’d do her best to pick the higher quality brands, but nothing matched the quality of what she’s created today.

On that sacred island, she had the opportunity to visit a cacao farm where she saw the pods where real chocolate comes from.

She learned the ancient wisdom that cacao holds and experienced a natural bliss when she ate the beans out of the pod.

For the next several weeks, she made cacao puddings every morning for breakfast.

She was thrilled to be awakened to the truth that chocolate is actually amazing for you, and the majority of chocolate brands in the market are not making real chocolate…raw chocolate.

Later that year during a Winter Solstice party, she made a bunch of her own chocolate bars and went around selling them to people at the party.

People loved it so much that her phone blew up the next day with requests for more orders.

It was only two months later that they were in store shelves for Valentine’s Day.

And that sparked the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey.

However, with no formal business education or training…Lulu had to rely on her intuition and mentorship.

Through it all, she’s built a million dollar company that serves super healthy chocolate so you can satisfy your senses without guilt.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Why raw chocolate is actually really great for you.
  • How Lulu created a thriving raw chocolate company with no previous business experience.
  • How raw chocolate can unleash your energy, bliss, joy and sensuality to greater heights.
  • The importance of sensuality and how it nourishes our soul.
  • No BS advice from a lady boss who built an amazing company from the ground up.

Tune in below to hear the rest of the story!

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3 Responses to “How Lulu Louise Built A Super Healthy Million Dollar Chocolate Company

  • Very cool! I love that she got curious about something and it became her passion. Great interview!

  • Awesome interview!

    So many takeaways. It reminds me of how important it is to follow your love and passion. Such an inspiration!

  • Love hearing stories like this one. Good for her for building such a successful company around something that her and many people love… chocolate! haha
    Great story and great article!

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