Akira Iguchi On Living Your Passion, Changing Lives, And Making Millions

Living your passion.

Changing lives.

Making millions.

Three things I hear lots of people wanting to accomplish.

But how?

I’ve heard many people tell me stories of how they couldn’t live their passion and make millions…

Or how they couldn’t change lives by making millions…

Or they’d say how you can’t be living you passion since its irrational.

Truth is, passion isn’t rational; living your passion is living life in the intoxication and spontaneity of the moment, fully immersed in the beauty, wonder, magic and awe of life.

Its like biting into a ripe fruit and the juice squirts with the sound of deliciousness and now-ness.

Its living so presently, you can feel the buzz and vibration of life animating you into doing that which you love…or doing anything with pure love.

So, how can you be living your passion, changing lives and making millions at the same time?

On this today’s episode of The Soulfully Optimized Life, I bring on my friend Akira Iguchi.

Akira lives his passion full-time.

He’s been recognized as a personal development legend in Japan, is a three-time International Best-Selling author, and a high-end coach and mentor to many successful entrepreneurs.

He’s the Founder of the Solo Millionaire Academy and Lifestyle Millionaire Academy, where he’s trained people to take their passion and turn it into successful, fun, and lifestyle freedom producing businesses.

He spends a lot of time traveling around the world, coaching his mastermind, hosting events and running programs, attending exclusive and extraordinary events in places like Richard Branson’s island, and attending masterful seminars and mastermind groups to constantly grow and improve his life and business.

One would say that Akira is living a dream life, and he is.

But he wasn’t always…

In fact, growing up he was bullied so much…he had to change schools multiple times a year.

He lacked self-confidence and felt lonesome most of the time.

He moved from Japan to New York to live the American Dream, but found himself depressed and suicidal in his tiny New York City apartment.

And then…he attended a seminar with Tony Robbins called Unleash The Power Within.

He was amped, stoked, fired up on life, and he knew he wanted to be on stage inspiring people and helping them transform their lives.

He took this new energy and fire, went back to Japan and began coaching people to learn English rapidly and effectively.

After a few years, he grew his business to the 7 figure level.

He joined masterminds and kept on growing, pivoting from teaching English to personal development.

And since then, he’s scaled his business to $20 million per year.

Ultimately, his living his passion, changing lives, and just so happens to have cracked the code to be making millions.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to discover your passion.
  • Why choosing your environment plays such a huge role in your success and fulfillment.
  • How Akira began to turn his passion into profits.
  • How you can turn your passion into profits today.
  • How frequently attending events, seminars and masterminds supported exponential growth in Akira’s life.

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Now, I want to hear from you…

Is your environment supportive of living your passion? If not, what will you do right now to change that?

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