Cassandra De Pecol On Expedition 196, Breaking World Records, And Passion

Cassandra De Pecol is about to become the first ever documented woman to travel to every country in the world, and she’s doing it to promote world peace and sustainability.

And…she’s breaking a Guinness world record by traveling around the world in the fastest time.

What initially started with a desire to do something big turned into an expedition plan after her 25th birthday.

After mapping out her itinerary, reaching out to sponsors, and laying the foundation for her journey, she took flight in July of 2015 and now she’s only 3 countries away from achieving her epic mission.

In today’s episode, Cassie shares her journey, the lessons and challenges she’s experienced along the way, and ultimately how anyone can discover and take action on something their passionate about.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How Cassie turned her dream into an epic mission that she lives every day
  • How Cassie has traveled to (almost) every country in the world solo and her tips on solo travel for women (and men)
  • A simple, practical, non-cheesy take on discovering your passion right now
  • How Cassie was able to get sponsors to support her throughout her expedition, which has cost nearly $200,000, and her tips on connecting with sponsors
  • Cassie’s health and fitness tips for travelers
  • Cassie’s message to the Millennial generation
  • What traveling around the world has taught Cassie about humanity

Tune into the episode below!

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